An history of
passion and commitment

Calze BC was born in the 60’s in Castel Goffredo (MN), the “Capital of the Hosiery”, From the initiative of the families Bensi and Cavazzini. In few years, the small laboratory became and industry with all the production phases concentrated inside the same unit, organized in and efficient, complete and integrated system.

Thanks to the innovative technologies, to the investments in research and developement and expecially to our passion, we have achieved our goals, becoming firstly a landmark on the National Market and then on the International market, bringing italian style and quality to the world.

Production phases

Research and development

To create originals tights and stockings, our team of specialists start from the research of lines, colours, materials and trends.

Knittig department

Lycra, poliammide, poliestere but also wool, cotton and microfibre: every day 160 circular machines knit precious yarns from which all the collection BC are born.

Sewing department

The semi-finished products are cut and sewed: in this way the tubes became tights of the most varied models.

Dyeing department

Every tights is washed and then dyed. After the quality check we proceed with the drying.

Boarding - packaging

The tights are ironed steam at 120° or infrared at 90°, then we proceed with the packing and after the final quality check, the product is ready for the selling.

100% italians

We are Italians and we want to let the world know, the uniqueness of the Made in Italy. Every phase of the production process is realized in Italy and continuously subjected to strict checkings, to offer a unique, original and high quality product.

Creativity, specialization, innovation and excellence: these are the keys of our succesfull. Through the competences of our stylists, the quality of yarns and specialized staff of our production department, we realize tights that anticipate the times, satisfying demanding customers.

Certified quality

The commitment dedicated to each step of the work allows us to be in compliance with the strictest quality standards: each propose BC, realized with the finest yarns, deserves the Oeko-Tex certification, that guarantees the absence of harmful substances for health.

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